Our specialized team provides Total Crusher Service for every brand and model

At Rahnmet

Our unique experience and track record of success enables us to recommend replacement parts, fully assemble or dissemble your crusher, and troubleshoot any crusher related problems. At Rahnmet, we will do everything we can to get your crusher up and running as soon as possible. We can consult with you to plan your maintenance program and minimize your downtime. Unlike anyone else,  we have manufactured new components both as the OEM and as the Aftermarket, rest assured we are the best value for your dollars. We understand both the need to repair parts and the desire to replace crushers, we appreciate your timeframe – we are Your unbiased Expert. Rahnmet is not limited to a brand of crusher, or the limited knowledge of an OEM partner, your buck stops here. We are the supplier you’ve been looking for to Keep You Crushing!

On-Site Client Visit

We offer on-site crusher inspection. This includes full disassembly with your personnel, inspection of your crusher, reassembly, a report on its condition, and a recommendation for parts. We provide the opportunity to train our customers how to disassemble their equipment safely and without damaging their parts. Together we give you the chance to invest in your personnel, so that they can protect your equipment.

The Rahnmet team does it all, from start to finish

Our services include, but are not limited to:

Complete refurbishment

Maintenance consulting

Crusher tear down

Field inspections

Onsite installations

Reverse engineering